Two morning robberies land one suspect in jail

For the second time in less than two weeks, St Augustine Police were called to the Kangaroo Express located at 800 South Ponce De Leon Boulevard at SR-207 to investigate a robbery that occurred shortly after 5:00 a.m. this morning.

Public Information Officer Mark Samson informed local Historic City News crime patrol reporters that a man entered the store exclaiming, “This is a robbery” and “Give me your money”. When the clerk hesitated, the robber said, “Don’t make me use this”.

The clerk complied with the robber’s demands — then the thief fled the store.

About an hour later, another robbery was reported by the clerk at the “T-11” convenience store located at 52 San Marco Avenue in uptown St Augustine.

When the robber announced his intentions and demanded money, the T-11 clerk responded by throwing hot coffee on him. Surprised, the robber fled the store and escaped on a white bicycle.

Police compared witness statements and video surveillance images that were obtained at both locations then determined that the same person committed both crimes.

Sergeant Brandon Embry observed a man who matched the witness’s description, riding a white bicycle near the police station at King and Malaga Streets.

Embry gave chase on foot and captured the suspect, 27 year-old Alan Everett Squire who resides at 70 Washington Street in St Augustine.

After making a positive identification, Squire was placed under arrest and charged with two counts of felony robbery as well as one misdemeanor charge of each, battery and damaging public property. Squire remains in custody in the St Johns County Detention Facility.

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