November energy workshops announced

St. Johns County Energy Efficiency Coordinator Lowry Shuler invites Historic City News readers to attend the free energy efficiency workshops in November to learn how to build or retrofit and save money using energy efficiency techniques.

The workshops will be held every Thursday from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm in the wind mitigation building at the Agriculture Center, located at 3111 Agricultural Center Drive in St. Augustine.

November Workshop Schedule

• November 3rd – Sustainability, The Capacity to Endure: Sustainability is the capacity to endure, nothing more or less. Most of us would like to sustain or improve our quality of life. This does not have to increase our consumption of water, energy and natural resources, but some may not know how to accomplish the goal of sustainability without a coach.

• November 10th – St. Johns County Biodiesel Program and Production Facility Tour: Did you know that St. Johns County runs its fleet vehicles on a fuel derived from used fryer grease? Did you know that this fuel meets all of the same testing standards as the diesel fuel you buy at the pumps? You may also be surprised to find out that this fuel is produced at a fraction of the cost of diesel fuel. And that’s not all.

• November 17th – The LEED Platinum Experience: When Steve Sadler’s home was destroyed by flood in 2008, he decided to build it back right, with an eye on minimal operating costs. Not only did he build one of the first LEED Platinum homes, he fit his old home in four trash bins, because of his dedication to re-using materials. Come learn from Steve’s first-hand experience of designing, constructing and living in a state-of-the-art home.

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