Report petit crimes to sheriff online

The Flagler County Sheriff’s Office reported to Historic City News that they have added a new reporting system similar to the one adopted by the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office recently; which allows Flagler County residents the same ease of filing petit crime complaints online.

The “CopLogic” link now appears on the home page of the FCSO website: .

Residents can fill out reports dealing with issues ranging from vandalism to mischief to frauds or lost property.

“The objective is to make it more convenient for our residents to file reports. Due to the volume of calls for service we have, the less serious complaints may get a delayed response,” said Sheriff Donald W. Fleming.

With the addition of the new link, residents can file reports of property damage, minor thefts, harassing phone calls or lost property simply by going to the website and clicking the link.

All reports filed through the website are reviewed to determine if a follow up from a road deputy or investigator is needed.

“I encourage residents to take advantage of this service. I believe this will lessen the burden on our road deputies and will be a great convenience for our community,” said Sheriff Fleming.

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