Republican Party opens permanent office

The St. Johns County Republican Executive Committee invited Historic City News reporters to attend this evening’s grand opening of a permanent office for the Republican Party locally in St. Augustine.

In the past, GOP volunteers would come together every two years at temporary quarters during election season to provide support and information to local voters interested in learning more about Republican candidates. After the General Election, everything was packed away for the two year off-season.

GOP State Committeewoman Becky Reichenberg welcomed the guests before tonight’s Executive Committee meeting and gave credit and recognition for the contributions of those who made the permanent office possible.

Thanks to the generosity of local architect Gerald Dixon who agreed to rent space to the party in his offices, and the donation of funds sufficient to cover the first years rent contributed by Congressman John Mica, Representative Ronald “Doc” Renuart, Representative Bill Proctor, Senator John Thrasher and others, the Republican Party and its St. Johns County clubs will be able to coordinate their activities through a permanent address and telephone number in addition to their Internet website.

Photo credits: © 2011 Historic City News staff photographer

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