Royal Family returns to Historic City

Historic City News received an update from the St. Augustine Royal Family of “clear blue skies and excitement in the air” in Tallahassee this weekend where the trio made an appearance in the 43rd annual Springtime Tallahassee Festival.

“As always, The Trio was treated like “Royalty” at the ball on Friday night,” said Darlene Blevins who accompanied the entourage to the Grand Parade, Arts and Crafts Jubilee, Seafood Festival and Main Stage Music Fest.

Serving in the ceremonial roles this year are Suzanne Hazen as Queen Mariana; Jaime Blevins as Princess Margarita Maria; and James Solana III as the boy King Carlos.

The three re-enactors preside over Easter Festival activities here in town each year and represents St. Augustine at numerous out-of-town events, like the Springtime Tallahassee Festival.

Other members of the Royal Entourage who participated in this weekend’s festival were:

Past Queen: Teresa Tezack
Past Princess: Tori Baker
Future Princess: Ashley Baker
Lena Solana and her son Joseph
Darlene Blevins
Stephanie Blevins
Cindy Campbell
Camerin Bergin

The Trio road in a traditional horse-drawn carriage decorated with spring flowers; provided by Avalon Carriage Company and driven by Murphy McDaniel and his son Taylor.

The next event for St. Augustine’s Royal Family will be the Blessing of The Fleet on Palm Sunday.

Photo credits: © 2011 Historic City News contributed photograph by Catherine T. Baker

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