Sexual Predator: Steven Christopher Pullen

In accordance with Florida State Statute 775.21, this news release will serve as public notification that the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office has been given information that a person judged to be a sexual predator is now residing within St. Johns County.

The name of the sexual predator is Steven Christopher Pullen.

He will be residing at 9665 J Flake Road in Hastings.

Pullen is a white male, 40 years old, 6’ tall, 175 pounds, has brown hair and blue eyes.

Pullen was adjudicated guilty of one count of principal to sexual battery or coercion against a child by an adult in Marion County for an incident that occurred in July of 2000.

He was sentenced to ten years in the Department of Corrections followed by 20 years of sexual predator probation.

He was released from prison on February 24, 2011 and registered with the Sheriff’s Office today.

The public can also access information about all sexual predators in the state via the Internet, where the FDLE has a website. The address of the website is Information is also available via a toll-free number to FDLE: 1-888-FLPREDATOR.

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