Sheriff closes investigation into altercation

Ken Bryan, Eric West
Ken Bryan, Eric West
Media Relations Officer Kevin Kelshaw updated Historic City News reporters that the sheriff’s investigation has concluded involving the altercation between a St. Johns County commissioner and his wife with two citizens attending a recent public Town Hall meeting.

Investigators conducted interviews and watched surveillance video from the county auditorium and, based on the information available, there was no criminal intent found.

Neither of the parties involved wished to pursue criminal charges against the other, according to Kelshaw’s report tonight.

The outburst occurred on the night of June 27th and was reported by Historic City News on June 29th — once we obtained the sheriff’s incident report and copies of photographs of the altercation that were taken by a member of the audience.

Monday night’s meeting was the first meeting where Bryan or his wife had gotten into an altercation with citizens who have objected to the County Administrator’s plan to increase the millage rate used to calculate the amount of resident’s property taxes.

Karen Pan, St. Johns County Communications Manager, said that the final speakers of the night continued to ask their questions unabated by the disturbance going on sixty or seventy feet behind them.

We contacted Ken Bryan, allowing him an opportunity to respond and rebut any misstatements; at both his County and personal e-mail addresses, with a copy to Pan. No response has been forthcoming from Bryan.

Photo credits: © 2011 Historic City News contributed photograph

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