St Augustine 2011 Improvement Bond

Bonds totaling $15,360,000 that were approved by the City Commission will go to work soon, according to a report from Assistant City Manager Tim Burchfield that was received by Historic City News today.

Burchfield said that the pared-down project list from the 2011 Improvement Bond includes some long overdue repairs, upgrades and improvements.  Before Burchfield determined “more solid figures” based on the City’s cash flow, last fall’s needs estimate was $22.5 million.

$2.6 million in projects, including replacement of the seawall south of the Bridge of Lions and measures to stop flooding at Cordova and Treasury streets were cut; as were all but $800,000 of a listed $2 million in General Fund projects and $2.7 million in entry corridor improvements.

The major funding, $6.7 million, will go toward Riberia Street projects and another $5 million for utility projects including water main upgrades for Anastasia Island, Lincolnville, West Augustine and North City.

The surviving $800,000 is for state-mandated bank stabilization around the former landfill at the south end of Riberia Street.

City Manager John Regan told commissioners during their meeting last week that $1.5 million for the seawall project was to be a “match” for federal funds which look doubtful at this time.

Photo credits: © 2011 Historic City News staff photographer

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