St Augustine introduced to Weekday Issue


Historic City News editor Michael Gold wants to know. What’s your issue?

Weekday Issue is the new name for the 2012 e-mail edition of Historic City News, which will continue to feature a compilation of links from the headlines of the most recent local news articles and editorial opinions that appear on our award-winning website,

With over 7,000 opt-in and paid subscribers, Weekday Issue keeps you updated on local information of interest to residents and visitors of St Augustine and St Johns County, Florida.

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“The demographics for our Weekday Issue subscribers are powerful,” Gold said in his announcement this morning. “Weekday Issue reaches thousands of readers – at their request – so our e-mail gets opened; providing one of the most valuable, targeted advertising opportunities to sponsors who need to reach buyers in the greater St Johns County area.”

During the remaining few weeks in December, Historic City News is providing reduced introductory rates for advertising in Weekday Issue; starting as low as $100. Call the office for details 904-829-9511 or e-mail a sample ad to