St Augustine Republicans celebrate Christmas

Harlan Mason, Chairman of the St Johns County Republican Party welcomed Historic City News and about 50 members, elected officials and guests of the Executive Committee to their annual Christmas celebration in St Augustine at the Airport Conference Center last night.

Several Republican candidates who will be running for election next year in county and state contests made brief comments to the group; however, the December business meeting is traditionally foregone in favor of the popular Christmas event.

Food, drinks and desserts were provided by the REC and members, including Santa cookies and brownies decorated with snowmen and lots of frosting. When Florida Representative Candidate Kim Kendall was spotted carrying in a tray of homemade chocolate treats by Historic City News editor Michael Gold, the diet went out the window.

Lack of a business meeting didn’t stop the crowd from immersing themselves in conversation about one of their favorite topics — politics. Mason promises that the 2012 election still has some surprises in store and the Republican Party has a winning game plan.

Photo credits: © 2011 Historic City News staff photographer

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