St Augustine TEA seats new board of directors

St. Augustine Tea Party chairman Eric West, announced to Historic City News that in order to be a more effective and professional organization, the group will now be governed by a Board of Directors.

The Board will be tasked with drafting by-laws to guide the St. Augustine Tea Party in the future and accomplishing the goals of the organization. These goals include values based on Constitutional Government, Limited Government and Fiscal Responsibility.

St. Augustine Tea Party welcomes the formation of new Patriot groups to help in the cause of saving our country and expects that such groups will form in the near future.

The new Board of Directors consists of:

Outreach and Membership Director- Fran Schoenberger
Event and Volunteer Director- Judy Mabry
Website Director- Angela Casey
Fundraising Director- Jim Gilly
Governmental Relations Director- Mike Russo
Communications Director- Patti Henderson
Social and Earned Media Director- Rita Arpaia
Security Director- John Casey
Elections Director- Don Henderson

Our immediate focus, after reorganization guidelines are established, will be to educate and offer training to the electorate regarding the 2012 elections in every area.

“We welcome like-minded patriots looking to reassert their values into the government of the United States,” West said. Meet and greet begins at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday August 23rd with the meeting beginning promptly at 7:00. St. Augustine Tea Party has changed its meeting location temporarily to the Meeting Room at Ponce de Leon Mall and will have an announcement of a permanent meeting space soon.

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