St Johns County redistricting process underway

Supervisor of Elections, Vicky Oakes, reported to Historic City News that the redistricting process has begun for the St. Johns County Board of County Commissioners and the St. Johns County School Board.

Districts are redrawn every 10 years once the population is determined from the federal census, Oakes explained.

“Lines for the election districts must be redrawn to reflect shifts in population,” Oakes said. “The requirement is for districts to be as close to equal in population as practicable.”

The Supervisor of Elections Office website has a section on redistricting which contains proposed plans, maps, and general information.

“The principle of one person, one vote is the primary standard for redistricting,” the Supervisor told Historic City News.

For current information on public hearing dates, call the Supervisor of Elections office at at (904) 823-2238 or visit the website for the Board of County Commissioners at or School Board at

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