Stern gives up 750 local foreclosures

David J. Stern, the South Florida attorney that officially “gave up” 750 foreclosure cases in St. Johns County last week, will be shutting down his foreclosure law practice on March 31st; according to reports announced to Historic City News today.

The law firm of David J. Stern is under investigation by the Florida Attorney General’s Office, and mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac who terminated their relationships with Stern last year.

At one time, Stern’s firm had been considered the top foreclosure firm in Florida — reportedly filing 70,000 cases in 2009.

According to a disclosure of the closing filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission today, Stern has resigned as president and CEO of Plantation, Florida based “DJSP Enterprises” — the public processing arm for Stern’s law firm. Stern’s law firm is DJSP’s primary customer, according to published reports.

Stern’s firm is alleged to be a central character in South Florida’s robo-signing and mortgage processing debacle.

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