Store owner charged with assault on customer

Public Information Officer Debra Johnson told local reporters with Historic City News that a Palm Coast jeweler was arrested after he pulled a gun this afternoon during an argument with a customer.

Deputies arrested 54 year-old Dan Ferrena who resides on Riverwalk Drive in Palm Coast, charging him with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Bond is set at $1,500.

The victim, Joshua Newby, told deputies that he walked into Palm Coast Gold Buyers at 101 Palm Coast Parkway around noon to look at watches. He was accompanied at the time by his young daughter.

Newby told deputies that he then asked his wife and a friend to come into the store to view the watch. Several children accompanied them and Ferrena’s wife, Edith, asked them to leave, saying the jewelry store was no place for children, according to statements taken by deputies.

Newby said he left the store and then went back inside to speak with Edith and Dan Ferrena about the incident.

An argument ensued, with Newby directing obscenities at Edith as he walked out of the door of the store. At that time, according to Newby, Ferrena pulled a gun from his waistband, cocked it and pointed it at him. Newby said he walked away and called law enforcement.

Ferrena told deputies he only displayed the gun at his side and denied cocking it or pointing it. He told deputies that Newby had charged him in a threatening manner, so he wanted him to know he was armed.

Deputies reported that Ferrena was cooperative throughout the investigation.

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