Troy Blevins leaves recreation department

Historic City News local reporters contacted Troy Blevins following his announcement on facebook last night that he has resigned his position as St. Johns County’s Recreation and Parks Director.

Blevins joined the county recreation department in January 1990 and has been director for several years. He graduated from Flagler College with a degree in recreation in 1989.

Other than to reassure friends that there is no “scandal”, neither Blevins nor St. Johns County administration expanded on his resignation, however, Blevins tells us that he is looking forward to an exciting challenge this Spring.

Troy and wife Gina are leaders in the local “Project Autism of St. Johns, Inc.” Troy is this year’s president and Gina serves as treasurer of the non-profit organization.

Blevins tells us that he will be walking from St. Augustine to Washington, D.C., to raise awareness for parents, caregivers, professionals and children diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.

During the walk, Blevins plans to cover the 800-mile course in just over 6 weeks; during which time he will be joined by legislators for the chance to explain the economic impact Autism will continue to have on our communities, our states and our nation.

Historic City News asked how he plans to pay for his expenses during the trip and were told that he is raising funds by asking for “$100 from 100 friends”. Contributions can be made through the organization’s website, by using a credit card or PayPal account.

“Our focus is to ensure that all children with an ASD are able to experience events that their peers would enjoy,” Blevins said. “These events create special opportunities for ASD children to succeed; and, as they build confidence and understanding, our goal is to see the children and their families out in the community among their peers.”

Blevins told us that he would provide more updates through upcoming newsletters, including information about the route. He asked readers to encourage family and friends to have their local legislators “Walk to Washington” with him.

Families of children with an ASD who would like to learn more about upcoming events from Project Autism of St. Johns, Inc., can visit their event calendar.

Photo credits: © 2011 Historic City News archive photograph

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