Unpaid bar tab sends Alabama couple to jail

A young couple from Alabama are still in custody today after St Augustine City Police arrested them Saturday night at a local lounge when they did not pay their bar tab.

Accused of defrauding or swindling an innkeeper are 28 year-old Krystal Brandy Bowers who resides in Sterrett Alabama, and her companion, 31 year-old Matthew Lon Marler who resides in Vincent Alabama.

At about 11:00 p.m. the couple attempted to leave Arnolds Lounge on US-1 North where they ran up an $80 bar tab.

The couple presented a credit card for payment of the debt; however, the credit card was declined by the card issuer.

Although the couple had been drinking, police spokesman Mark Samson told local Historic City News reporters that neither defendant resisted arrest and both were removed from the bar without incident.

The charge pending against them is a second-degree misdemeanor and bail was set following a first hearing. The pair remains in custody in lieu of a $1500 appearance bond, each.

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