Vilano variance granted allowing deli to proceed

Dylan Cadwalader, General Manager of Vilano Springs Resorts LLC, told Historic City News Editor Michael Gold that he was “very thankful” today as he and his family left the regular meeting of the St. Johns County commission.

Cadwalader is one step closer to opening the St. Augustine Beach House Deli in the former Ocean Blue Motel property, located at 10 Vilano Road, following a unanimous vote approving the necessary variances needed to move forward with major renovations to the property.

The existing motel consists of 16 units and an additional 2 units for offices, laundry room, and manager’s suite, however, in recent years; the building has fallen into disrepair. Surrounding uses consist of the Magic Beach motel to the west, Hampton Inn to the southwest and a beach access to the south.

When Cadwalader appeared at the January 12th meeting of the North Coastal Design Review Board; they also recommended approval by unanimous vote.

According to applications submitted, Cadwalader plans to modify a portion of the building’s southern internal layout in order to operate a food court and deli. This will include the addition of a deck, lift, seating, and awning on the outside of the building.

Specifically, the Board of County Commissioners approved a “non-zoning variance” to allow a minimum 26 feet of retail frontage along Vilano Road and 34 feet of retail frontage along the beachfront, instead of the required minimum of 50 feet, and, to allow 42 square feet of glass area on the south facade, facing Vilano Road, instead of the minimum 58.8 square feet on the first floor.

Cadwalader told Historic City News that he was excited to be part of the Vilano Town Center business community and he is prepared to begin construction within the next 30 days, if possible.

Photo credits: © 2011 Historic City News staff photographer

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