Workshop for Bayfront traffic redesign

Historic City News learned that the bayfront redesign that was tentatively approved by city commissioners two weeks ago will go to a workshop before the commission’s next regular meeting March 14th.

While City Manager John Regan said the St. Johns Chamber of Commerce sought discussion in a letter to his office, commissioners were quick to call for the workshop.

Commissioner Bill Leary said he’s found additional traffic problems in the plan and Leanna Freeman revised her support of plans that would reduce a section of northbound traffic to one lane.

Leary was the lone vote against the plan two weeks ago, but Freeman voted in favor only after assurances commissioners would have opportunities to reconsider the plan when cost estimates and a grant application are prepared.

The planning study, “Reconnecting the Castillo & the Bayfront,” is be conducted by Halback Design Group through a Paul S. Sarbanes Transit in Parks grant. The Sarbanes program focuses on improved traffic flow around national parks and monuments.

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