Year-end call for 450th Improvement Club

450th AnniversaryIn July, Historic City News announced that residents who would like to help the community prepare for the celebration of our 450th Anniversary by undertaking improvements, either inside or outside their home or business, can participate and be recognized in the 450th Improvement Club.

The City’s public affairs department reports that participation is encouraging, however, they remain hopeful that more residents and business owners will want to be a part of the improvement program as we get another year closer to our anniversary.

To be recognized as a participant in the 450th, perhaps in a small but significant way, you can complete a Certification of Participation. The certificate can be obtained from the Planning and Building Department, by calling 825.1065, or by visiting the City’s website.

The form asks if the improvement is remodeling, landscaping, painting, and whether it’s a public space or your own property.

Participation Requirements for the 450th Improvement Club

Designated Improvements
Designation means recognition by the City of St. Augustine for buildings, structures, sites, objects, or districts that conduct property enhancements in anticipation of the 450th Commemoration.

The designation denotes participation in the commemoration event for any participant that implements work that requires a planning and building application or that changes the appearance of a designated property.

The designation prescribes the criteria for listing to include:

1) Improvement that adds significant character, interest, or value as part of the development, heritage, or cultural characteristics of the City or is associated with forwarding the cause of the 450th Commemoration; or

2) Contributes to the historic context of the City; or

3) Reflects the environment in an era significant to the 450th Commemoration; or

4) Undertaking of any beautification project

Designation Process

1) Anyone may participate in the Improvement Club

2) Properties are designated as participating upon receipt of completed and approved application and a planning or building application when required

3) Detailed description of improvements will include the physical description of the current conditions and proposed alterations

Designation Benefits

The 450th Improvement Club serves as another tool for our community to promote heritage resources and cultural values by improving a property’s physical characteristics. As a community-wide initiative the club is an opportunity for all residents to express pride and support of our shared history.

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