After 22 years service — former commander arrested

A former long-time Sheriff’s Office employee and once lieutenant assigned to the St Johns County Detention Facility finds himself detained today after violation of his probation on charges of aggravated stalking last year, according to a report received by Historic City News from Sheriff’s spokesman, Chuck Mulligan.

Local resident and former Correction Unit Commander, Roger Wayne Colee was taken into custody last night just before 11:00 p.m. and charged with contempt of court, a new count of aggravated stalking, and two counts of violation of probation.

The 50 year-old Colee was reportedly earning $66,752 annually, plus benefits, in his position with the St Johns County Sheriff’s Office — where he had been employed since January 2, 1990. Mulligan believes that Colee’s above-average income is not related to the personal issues he is facing. “Before this turn of events, we never had complaints about him that I am aware,” Mulligan said.

Colee was suspended, without pay, at the time of his arrest August 4, 2011. He was released the same day after posting a $10,000 appearance bond.

“Colee was never a patrol deputy, he was always assigned to the detention facility,” Mulligan told reporters.

The Internal Affairs Department began an investigation into the matter and recommended that Colee be terminated. He separated from the department in September.

Bond was established at $20,000 on the new aggravated stalking charge and $5,000 on the contempt of court charge — however, Colee remains in custody, without bond, on the violation of probation charges.


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