2G plans factory at Interstate Commercial Park

Boasting US creativity and German ingenuity as a very strong combination, Michael Turwitt, President of 2G CENERGY Power Systems Technologies, Inc., reported to Historic City News this morning that his company, with US headquarters in Orange Park, plans to establish a manufacturing location in St Johns County.

2G, a U.S. corporation owned by the German manufacturer, 2G Bio-Energietechnik AG, reportedly purchased a 60,000sf facility in the Interstate Commercial and Industrial Park off Agricultural Center Drive.

According to Turwitt, 2G purchased a 10-acre tract that includes adjacent land near I-95 and CR-208, south of SR-16, for future expansion.

The international company manufactures combined heat and power plants that transform sewage gas and biogas generated by landfills, coalmines, agricultural and other sources, into heat and electricity.

Although not endorsed by the US Environmental Protection Agency’s Combined Heat and Power Partnership of which 2G is a “partner”, the technologically advanced and clean systems, manufactured by 2G, are capable of reducing carbon dioxide emissions and other greenhouse gases — turning waste into a renewable, high energy-efficient resource.

“The 2G Group will be extremely active here, and this new plant represents a milestone in 2G’s history,” Turwitt told reporters. “We are already very successfully selling our advanced CHP systems all over the United States, and this new production site will play a key role.”

Christian Grotholt, president of the parent company, 2G Bio-Energietechnik AG, reported that “2G Manufacturing Inc.”, will be the 2G entity that will operate the St Augustine factory. The new company has been incorporated just less than 30 days, and Grotholt serves as the sole officer and director; according to records on file with the Secretary of State.

In a press release filed today, Melissa Glasgow, Director of Economic Development for St Johns County, told reporters, “The Company will add 100-125 professional jobs to the local economy.”

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