40th ACCORD meeting recognizes supporters

Gwendolyn Duncan, President of the 40th ACCORD in St Augustine, announced to Historic City News reporters that the organization recognizes and thanks those who contributed to the recent work on the historic Lincolnville home that was formerly the residence of Loucille Plummer during the civil rights demonstrations of the 1960’s.

Plummer lived in the home at 177 Twine Street; the site of a racially motivated bombing attempt. She was a nurse who lost her job because of her involvement with civil rights activities in St Augustine; which played a pivotal role in the passage of the landmark Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Next week, the organization convenes their General Meeting and will extend a formal “thank you” on Monday, April 16, beginning at 6:00 p.m. at the Main Branch of the St Johns County Public Library.

Duncan named the following that contributed supplies or made financial donations to help bring the Plummer house back to life:

Northrop Grumman Corporation
Flagler College Students in Free Enterprise
Civil Rights Museum Committee of St. Augustine, Inc.
The Black Xperience
Kenneth and his son Marcus Ginn
Michael and Anita Gallen
ACCORD Members and businesses
Enterprising Women Leadership Institute
Home Depot
Lambert’s Nursery
Duncan & Duncan Construction Company of Jacksonville

Also recognized was Gale Blattenberger, of Salt Lake City, a Smith College Student who was in the Twine Street home in 1965 during the attempted bombing and saw the flames reaching 20 feet in the air.

Duncan encouraged all members to attend as well as anyone else wishing to help continue the mission of, remembering, recognizing, and honoring all those who risked their lives to attain civil rights for all.

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