$500 bounty on head of political sign vandals

This weekend’s theft and vandalism to legislative campaign signs belonging to candidate Kim Kendall, was enough to motivate the first time political candidate to offer a reward of $500 to anyone with information leading to the arrest and conviction of persons removing, defacing or destroying any of the Kendall 4’X8′ signs.

Because of the high cost of the large highway signs, their wooden frames and labor to install them, vandals, or political fanatics committing such juvenile acts against Kendall’s campaign, may not realize that they are committing a felony under Florida law.

Kendall is hoping to win the newly redrawn House of Representatives District Seat 17 that encompasses the majority of northern St Johns County.

Kendall’s campaign announced the reward in a televised interview yesterday from the scene of one of the acts of vandalism to a 4’X8’ wood-constructed campaign signs located at I-95 and International Golf Parkway. In that incident, the sign had been ripped from its frame.

“Our political system is founded on the premise that citizens have both a right and a duty to have a voice in choosing those who govern them,” said Kendall. “We should all be outraged and vocal about any behavior that limits the rights of fellow citizens to be informed on candidates and educated on the issues.”

For weeks now, similar incidents of theft and destruction have occurred, and Kendall says she has had enough. Candidate Kendall denounces the egregious attempts being made to prevent the public from exercising their right to be informed on all of their candidate options.

“We will demand full prosecution for anyone caught committing any act of destruction or theft of this, or any other candidate’s signage,” Kendall added. “These signs are a basic form of political expression, of freedom of speech that is deserving of respect and protection.”

To report any information regarding this incident or other incidents of disturbing any candidate’s campaign signs, contact the St Johns County Sheriff’s Office at 904-824-8304, and then send an email to kim@electkendall.com with details of your report.

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