A city in search of a brand


Historic City News was informed that at 3:00 p.m. yesterday afternoon, Jennifer Zuberer, Communications and Resources Manager for the St Augustine 450th Commemoration, conducted the final orientation class of volunteers willing to participate in a research project that is said to be part of the Commemoration.

The Brand Research Project, being conducted by the City of St Augustine, intends to survey a minimum of 600 community members, 200 merchants and 500 visitors to gain a better understanding of their needs, experiences and expectations. Questions will explore St Augustine’s greatest assets and the things that are most often associated with our city.

Zuberer says that there has never been a project like this in the city’s 450-year existence; so, in her estimation, those who participate will be making history.

“We’ll survey community members and merchants online and through e-mail, but we need help surveying visitors,” Zuberer told reporters. “We’ll be surveying visitors downtown near the parking garage and Visitor Information Center, on St George Street, and along the bayfront.”

According to a statement from Zuberer received by Historic City News, each survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete and the results will enable the City of St Augustine to build a strong brand message for its 450th anniversary.

“This project will be fun, interesting, and will give all of us a better understanding of why people choose to visit St Augustine,” Zuberer said; describing what she calls a “history-in-the-making project”.


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