About 250 vote at Politics in St Johns

On July 19, at Francis Field in St Augustine, Historic City News reporters attended the St Johns County Chamber of Commerce first Politics in St. Johns event; an opportunity for voters to meet and learn about nearly 30 candidates for political office when they addressed the crowd.

Nearly 250 people cast their vote in a straw poll overseen by Supervisor of Elections Vicky Oakes. According to the Chamber, the straw poll was just a fun part of the event, the important item on the agenda was allowing people to meet and learn about the candidates that will appear on their ballot in August.

“The response we’ve received for this event has been great,” Beau Phillips, communications manager for the St. Johns County Chamber of Commerce, said. “Perhaps a few people will remember who won tonight.”

The St. Johns County Chamber of Commerce does not endorse any candidates for public office.


United States Senator
Connie Mack 119
Glenn A. Burkett 3
Mike McCalister 29
Bill Nelson 52
Marielena Stuart 9
Dave Weldon 12

Congress District 6
Beverly Slough 78
Heather Beaven 14
Richard Clark 35
Fred Costello 27
Ron Desantis 49
William Billy Kugot 2
Craig Miller 21
Alec Pueschel 0
Vipin Verma 5

State Attorney – 7th Judicial Circuit
R.J. Larizza 179
Stasia Warren 44

State Senator
John Thrasher 178
Kathleen Trued 51

State Representative
Mike Davis 153
Kim J. Kendall 23
Ronald “Doc” Renuart 62

State Representative
Travis Hutson 169
Doug Courtney 19
Milissa Holland 22

County Commissioner District 1
Cyndi Stevenson 147
Brian Iannucci 62
Merrill Paul Roland 13

County Commissioner District 3
Ray Arthur Quinn 106
Bill McClure 65
John R. Ruggeri 32

County Commissioner District 5
Ken Bryan 87
Rachael L. Bennett 76
Randy Brunson 38
Alan Kelso 22

School Board Member District 2
Tommy Allen 121
Ron Stafford 69

School Board Member District 5
Patrick T. Canan 111
Garry “Doc” McMahon 24
Tom Rivers 72

St. Augustine Commissioner – Seat 1
Bruce Maguire 91
Roxanne Horvath 45
Errol D. Jones 35
Deltra L. Long 25

St. Augustine Beach Commissioner – Seat 2
Rich O’Brien 105
Edward George 55

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