Alleged robbery co-conspiritor arrested

Historic City News learned Thursday afternoon that an additional arrest has been made in a home invasion robbery that occurred December 30; part of an alleged set-up between the defendant and a woman who has been in custody since the crime was committed.

St Johns County Sheriff’s investigators say 22 year-old Delvin C. Anderson, who lives at 400 N McLaughlin Street, was in cahoots with the 26 year-old black woman, Sherell Junice Dillard; who, at the time of the robbery, was alone inside the house with the victim.

Detectives learned, from an examination of cell phone records, that Dillard sent an outgoing text message to Anderson before the robbery, “Do you want to get this white boy he has 3 or 4 hundred”.

According to the report, Anderson made his way inside through the front door that had been left unlocked. Anderson was wearing a ski mask and he was armed with a handgun, investigators say. The victim was robbed of his money, vehicle keys, and then struck with the firearm before his attacker fled the scene. His injuries required him to be transferred to a local hospital for treatment.

Dillard remains in custody in lieu of $150,000 bond.

Anderson was allowed bail during his first appearance hearing yesterday — his bond was set at $350,000.

Both are confined to the St Johns County Detention Facility in St Augustine.


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