Apply for Youth Leadership St Johns – 2013

St Johns County Chamber of Commerce spokesman Beau Phillips announced to local Historic City News reporters that young leaders can apply now to participate in the 2013 Class of “Youth Leadership St Johns”.

Phillips says the Chamber will be accepting applications from high school sophomores until February 24th.

The program, designed by the Chamber’s adult version of Leadership St. Johns, seeks to deepen students understanding of what makes the county’s most important industries, services and organizations a success.

Students in the 2012 class have explored local government, seen behind the curtain of some of the area’s most successful industries and even participated in an intense two-day teambuilding, leadership, and problem solving workshop.

If you live in St. Johns County and are interesting in applying for or learning more about Youth Leadership St. Johns visit download the application packet. The packet includes a program outline, admission requirements, and eligibility information. Private school students and homeschool students are eligible to participate.

A Quick Look at the YLSJ Program

Youth Leadership St. Johns is a program designed for high school juniors so that they may gain a full understanding of the county in which they live. The program consists of an opening retreat in August, eight full program days throughout the school year, and a graduation ceremony with family and friends.

Participants of the program learn the importance of teamwork at the opening retreat, and see all sides of the county during program days such as Law Day, Social Services Day, and Business Day. At the end of the program, students will have met a number of key contacts throughout the community and gained a clear understanding of what makes the county work.

Alumni of the adult and youth programs work together in shaping the program for future classes, providing class participants a chance to put their leadership skills to the test.

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