Arrest ends sales from illegal Flagler moonshine still

A nearly 6′ tall, 300 pound man, almost 70 years-old, with a large, stocky build, sitting on the tailgate of his pickup truck, selling fresh seafood alongside US-1 in Bunnell, wouldn’t seem out of the ordinary to most folks; but to undercover deputies, Bob Tibbs was not “ordinary”.

During the past two months, Flagler County detectives have purchased several gallons of illegal moonshine whisky from Tibbs; which he was selling to his roadside customers.

Following up on a tip that Tibbs was operating a still on his property at 878 CR-325, and then bringing the moonshine into town for sale, detectives began surveillance of his activities and made the undercover purchases of illegal whisky.

Early this morning, Flagler County Sheriff’s deputies stopped Tibbs as he was driving his truck on US-1. According to the incident report, Tibbs was operating his vehicle while his license was suspended.

Inside the truck, deputies found moonshine. Two filled one-gallon containers were found along with nine brown paper bags containing Mt. Olive pickle jars filled with the contraband.

Each jar was labeled to indicate “Strawberry”, Blackberry”, “Apple” and Regular”.

Some jars were labeled with marker to show the contents were 130 proof or 150 proof.

The moonshine still, located at Tibbs’ residence, was dismantled today. Possession of illegal, untaxed moonshine is a third degree felony in Florida; carrying a maximum five-year prison sentence.

Tibbs was released after posting $5,500 bond.

“Thanks to a tip, this illegal operation was shut down,” said Flagler County Sheriff Donald W. Fleming. “A lot of people may be surprised that moonshine operations still exists. They do and they are illegal.”

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