Attempted murder charges filed in Flagler attack

Telling Historic City News reporters that they have determined that the 20 year-old assailant continued to beat his 60 year-old victim, even after the man had been knocked to the floor, detectives with the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office filed attempted murder charges against Kenneth Peters yesterday evening.

Peters, who resides at 59 Westchester Lane in Palm Coast, had already been charged with robbery in connection with the January 31st attack of the European Village resident who identified his attacker as “a casual acquaintance”.

The two men walked into the victim’s condominium on Palm Harbor Parkway around 4:31 p.m. The victim said, once inside, Peters struck him in the head with a heavy object that caused the victim to lose consciousness.

In a February 5th interview with detectives, Peters told deputies that after he declined to purchase prescription drugs from the victim, “the man became angry”. Peters said the victim put his hand on Peters’ shoulders.

Peters described turning around and striking the victim in the face, multiple times, “as hard as I could”. Peters told detectives that he did not cause any serious injuries to the victim of the attack. “The man’s head trauma must have occurred when he hit the floor,” Peters said.

The 60-year-old victim, whose injuries required some 15 staples to the head and more than 55 stitches to his face, had a different recollection. When he awoke, the victim said his prescription Oxycodone and wallet were missing.

The victim was able to identify his attacker as “Kenny”, he provided a description of Peters to deputies, and detectives were able to contact Peters through a telephone number left on the victim’s cell phone.

Peters has been in custody at the Flagler County Inmate Facility on the felony robbery charges since February 7th. Peters is now being held, without bond, on the felony attempted murder charges that were added yesterday.

The victim received treatment for severe head wounds at Florida Hospital Flagler; however, his present condition is unknown.

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