Calling all living historians


A graduate student at the Savannah College of Art and Design has asked Historic City News to reach out to readers who are participants in St Augustine and St Johns County living history activities in an effort to collect responses to a questionnaire to become part of her thesis.

Sara Feltner told reporters that she is writing about the preservation of intangible heritage through living history and using living history to teach historical skills and traditions.

Examples can historical skills can include spinning, weaving, military procedure, use of historic tools, boat building, dances, music, cooking, or the like.

“The information collected will help me create a thesis that can help the living history field,” Feltner said. Please forward your response to “”.

1) What is your name?
2) Where are you from?
3) How long have you been involved in living history?
4) What periods-of-time are you involved in?
5) What museums or historic sites are you involved with?
6) What sparked your interest in living history?
7) Before your living history involvement, did you use skills that you now demonstrate?
8) What skills or traditions have you learned since becoming involved in living history?
9) How did you go about learning that skill or tradition and who taught it to you?
10) Do you use these skills or traditions outside of living history, in everyday life?
11) Who have you taught period specific skills or traditions to?
12) How do you conduct those lessons? (scheduled classes, special events, etc.. )
13) What has been the trend of public interest, number of living historians, people wanting to learn historical skills or traditions, in your observation?


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