CODE RED – 2-year-old child missing

Sheriff’s Public Information Officer Chuck Mulligan informed Historic City News that he is enroute to the scene where a 2-year-old boy has gone missing from his home in the area of Linda Lake Lane, near CR 210.

The young boy was last seen at about 7:00 a.m. this morning at his residence. He was wearing an orange shirt and white diaper.

The special needs child is believed to have walked outside through an open door.

At this moment, numerous deputies are searching on foot, aviation resources are overhead, bloodhounds from Jacksonville have responded and divers are responding to search area ponds.

“A Code Red alert phone message has been placed to about 500 homes in the area to alert them to the activity and to make them aware of the missing child,” Mulligan told reporters. “I will be on the scene shortly and update Historic City News as more information is known.”


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