Commercial structure fire at First Coast Kawasaki

Lt Jeremy Robshaw, public information officer for St Johns County Fire Rescue, announced to Historic City News local reporters that a commercial structure fire erupted from a single motorcycle this morning at about 11:15 a.m. at First Coast Kawasaki in St Augustine.

“The extent of damage is not fully known,” Robshaw told reporters. “A number of motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles and a boat stored in the yard suffered significant fire damage.”

According to the incident report, the flames spread quickly from the motorcycle — igniting other new inventory stacked behind the building. A St Augustine South residence, adjacent to the rear of the store, also suffered heat damage, according to Robshaw.

A Fire Marshal investigation began this morning; and, will determine the exact cause of the mid-day blaze. When estimates can be made, they are expected to be substantial; due to the amount of smoke damage that was associated with the fire.

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