Congress District 6: Beverly Slough


Redistricting brought change to St Johns County in the form of a newly redrawn seat in the United States House of Representatives; along with it, the departure of long-time Historic City News friend, Rep. John Mica.

After the dust settled, nine candidates tossed their hats in the ring; seven Republicans and two Democrats.

We took note of five; and after a bit of deliberation, we believe Beverly Slough of Fruit Cove to be the best choice for St Johns County and the district.

There was a hesitation — none of us want to lose Bev on the St Johns County School Board; she has been a great board member and our school system has excelled under her leadership.

Mica kept a congressional office in St Augustine during his service; undoubtedly, Bev will do the same. Wiley Deck, who eventually followed Mica to Washington, and later, Patrick Kelly, were accessible to the public and the media and served Mica well.

What may impress us most about Beverly Slough is how she differs from our powerful and effective former representative — she is excited, brings fresh, new ideas, and is not your typical Washington politico. She does not pander, doesn’t make politically expedient promises, and, agree or disagree, will tell you how she reached her decisions.

We like that.

There are other candidates worthy of consideration in this race; however, after all was said and done, Beverly Slough was our unanimous recommendation.

United States Representative St. Johns County Dist 6
Beaven, Heather (DEM)
Clark, Richard (REP)
Costello, Fred(REP)
Desantis, Ron (REP)
Kogut, William Billy (REP)
Miller, Craig(REP)
Pueschel, Alec(REP)

Slough, Beverly(REP)

Verma, Vipin(DEM)