Constitution monument to be laser-scanned

400-COSA-CONST-MONUMENTJennifer Zuberer has invited Historic City News readers to witness history in the making when the Spanish Constitution Monument gets a dose of 21st century technology in the Plaza de la Constitucion located in downtown St. Augustine.

On Saturday morning March 31st from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon the historic icon will be laser scanned with the help of Activision Publishing, a premier developer and publisher of software in the video game industry.

Chris Ellis, a 3D scan technician at Activision in Los Angeles, is travelling to St Augustine to scan the monument. Activision is providing the scan at no cost to the city in order to create an exact digital image of the monument that will be used to produce three replica monuments.

“Activision is thrilled to support the City of St Augustine on this incredible historic project,” said Ellis. “We use laser scanners to replicate real-world locations or objects in video games, and we are excited to use our equipment to help make history.”

Full-scale replicas of the Constitution Monument will be crated for shipment to Cadiz, Spain, the city where the original Spanish Constitution was signed; Aviles, Spain, St. Augustine’s sister city; and Miami, Florida, where the monument will be held in trust until democracy returns to Cuba, at which time Miami will re-gift the monument to Havana.

“This project will be the first step in accomplishing one of the seven legacy projects for the St Augustine 450th Commemoration, which in 2015 will mark the anniversary of the founding of America’s First City,” Zuberer told reporters.

Ellis will be available to answer questions about the equipment, the scanning process, and his work at Activision, while he completes his task. City representatives will also be available to answer questions about the Constitution Monument.

If weather is a problem, then the scan will take place on Sunday, April 1, 2012.

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