Contest for both Republican committeeman and woman

In an election that most voters have never heard of, every four years each of Florida’s 67 counties elects a man and woman from each political party to represent the local community at the state level of their respective party.

In St Johns County, both the Democrats and Republicans select their state committeeman and state committeewoman by consensus — it has become a procedural matter of business that is overshadowed by the attention being paid to the Presidential election going on during the years when those state terms expire.

This year, since more than one man and one woman have announced that they are seeking these offices, at least in the Republican Party, during the Primary Election in August, Republican voters will see the names of the state committee candidates.

For St Johns County Republican State Committeeman:
Randy Covington – incumbent
Bob Veit
John C Stevens
Eric Herrera

For St Johns County Republican State Committeewoman:
Becky Reichenberg – incumbent
Liliana Kurpanik
Wynona Mayer

As of noon today, Supervisor of Elections Vicky Oakes told Historic City News that no Democrats had come forward to contest a seat.

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