County residents not safe around Ken Bryan

Ken Bryan’s apologists at the St Augustine Record and outgoing commissioner Mark Miner want voters to think that this publication, in league with the St Johns County Republican Executive Committee and the Freemasons, are circulating misinformation about a potentially violent and abusive man who sits on our commission — temporarily as Chairman.

You can watch this video of Ken Bryan’s behavior after Cindy Falco handed Bryan’s wife a pamphlet copy of the United States Constitution.

You can see for yourself the dramatic video of Commissioner Ken Bryan hollering at a female attending a town hall meeting in the county auditorium, then turning his anger towards a citizen who came to speak against the budget increase Bryan supported.

Bryan calls in Sheriff’s Director Art May and Deputy Henry Crafton to remove Falco from the meeting. When Bryan sees that Eric West is approaching to ask him to “calm down” and asks, “are you serious” about having Falco arrested, Bryan screams in West’s face “You better not!”, twice — threatening him so severely and aggressively that Bryan’s wife interjects herself between the two, saying “that’s enough”.

West attempts to pass Bryan, who is seen blocking the aisle, inviting Bryan, again, to calm down as he leaves the auditorium. When West reaches out to calm Bryan, the commissioner violently strikes West and begins chanting, “Don’t you touch me, don’t you ever touch me!”

False accusations that editor Michael Gold is a “jealous racist” and communicating to other political candidates to pull their advertising from Historic City News, will not squelch the truth from being told.

If you can honestly watch this incident and say that you condone a county official treating a private citizen so abusively, then you get what you deserve. This has nothing to do with the color of Ken Bryan’s skin — it has everything to do with his violent abusive behavior.

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