Cultural Council holds planning meeting

Andy Witt reported to Historic City News that the St Johns Cultural Council will hold an arts, culture and heritage constituency meeting on Thursday, August 16 at 5:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m. in the Prosperity Bank Community Room located at 790 North Ponce De Leon Boulevard in St Augustine.

Comment and evaluation on the Grant Program

Debrief and Discussion of the ACH Grant Program – please attend and comment whether or not your organization was awarded a grant.

Guideline changes for 2013-14 – what needs to be revised or not; additional budget detail, separation of grant categories; etc.,

450th Special Grant Program for specific one-time projects related to the 450th Anniversary that have significant regional, national or international impact and that are not duplicated by the Annual ACH Grant program.

Quarterly “Opportunity Grant” Program (‘mini-grants) for projects not foreseen as part of the annual ACH Grant program and not duplicated in the Annual ACH Grants Discussion of combined and individual advertising and marketing.

The Cultural Council’s Pooled Advertising fund is available to support ACH marketing that is not duplicative – please bring outlines of your advertising and marketing plans to help the SJCC determine the best use of these funds for cultural tourism attraction. Specifically we are looking at event “groupings” by disciplines or dates, synergies.

* 2012-13 Calendar of events for everyone: Please bring all of your event calendars in order to let everyone know prior to the October 1 grant year who is doing what and when so you can determine potential conflicts, schedule changes if needed, and collaborative efforts. Please bring your calendar of events on an 8.5 x 11 typed sheet of paper with organization/presenter, contact name, phone number and website at the top. Then list event title, date, time, location and website and phone (if different), note free or ticketed. If your organization plans to hold fundraisers please add that information after the arts culture heritage event list. NO brochures please – let’s make it easy to compile in an apples and apples format.

If you wish to bring brochures to hand out to your colleagues, that’s terrific, but please bring at least one list sheet in the requested format.

These event listings will be compiled and made available to the VCB, TDC, newspapers, other media etc. The goal is to create one comprehensive master list that everyone knows about.

If your organization has not finalized your 2012-13, please bring your tentative or DRAFT schedule so that if you or others need to change or modify dates due to multiple conflicts, that information is available. This may have particular relevance to fundraisers.

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