Diane Quick will address Civic Roundtable


During their regular June meeting, President Anthony Bosco reported to Historic City News that members of the St Johns County Civic Association Roundtable will hear from Diane Quick, Director of Community Relations with Habitat for Humanity of St Johns County when they convene June 11 from 9:00AM – 11:00AM.

The group, which includes representatives from homeowners, condominium and other neighborhood organizations in St Johns County, meets at North Florida Regional Airport at St Augustine in the Conference Center located at 4730 Casa Cola Way.

During the business meeting, members will also tend to reading and approval of minutes of previous meeting, and discuss the financial report. The group will receive committee reports for education, membership, growth management, county commission meeting agenda, fire and police, medical, water and new business.

This meeting is NOT sponsored by the Airport Authority, its staff or the Airport.

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