Dredging at Vilano Beach Bridge starts Monday

Southwind Construction Corps informed local Historic City News reporters that, for the next two months, the company will be removing approximately 162,000 cubic yards of beach-quality sand from the flood shoal on the north and south of the Vilano Beach Bridge.

Jim Piggott, General Services Director for the City of St Augustine, told reporters that the project addresses a recurring need every four-to-five years. It is being funded by the US Army Corps of Engineers and the Florida Inland Navigation District.

Mobilization on the $2.3 million dredging project began this week — there is a November 1 deadline for project demobilization. Actual dredging will commence Monday, September 10 and will continue until October 15.

Southwind will remove sand to a depth of 12-feet from the flood shoal and relocate it, across the St Augustine Inlet, by way of a 24-inch submerged pipeline that runs the length of Salt Run.

The pipeline will be placed as close to the eastern side of Salt Run as possible and will include two booster pump barges, one anchored at the north end of Salt Run, and the second barge located near the Lighthouse Park boat ramp. In order to complete the project within the aggressive schedule, the booster pumps will be allowed to operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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