Elkton man crashes with 1-year-old onboard


400-NIGHT-FHPHistoric City News learned, in an alert from Florida Highway Patrol Troop G, that the driver of a 2001 Honda Civic that crashed into a power pole on CR-13 at about 11:12 p.m. last night, has been charged with Careless Driving and additional charges are pending receipt of the results of a blood alcohol test.

Emergency medical personnel arrived at the single-vehicle crash to find 31-year-old Elkton residents Kenneth Leonard Johnson and his 1-year-old daughter, Veronica, north of CR-305.

Both patients were stabilized for transportation to Orange Park Medical Center; the driver’s condition reported as “serious” and his daughter sustained minor injuries.

According to Trooper Ronald L Roberts at the scene, Johnson was traveling north on CR-13 last night at a high rate of speed. At about one-tenth mile north of CR-305, Johnson lost control of his vehicle — the reason is still unknown.

The vehicle suffered about $ 2500 in damages when Johnson crossed the center line, drove off the roadway, onto the left shoulder, and then collided with the power pole. The Honda overturned in the process.

The investigation is continuing this morning.


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