First candidate to file for city commission

Historic City News was at the Supervisor of Elections office this morning when Bruce Maguire became the first candidate officially to declare his campaign to seek office to one of the three seats opening on the St Augustine city commission.

Maguire and his wife Virginia have been living in their home on St George Street since they were married in May 2007. Maguire will be seeking election to Seat 1, which is currently held by City Commissioner Errol D. Jones.

Maguire previously has been elected and served on the St Johns County Commission, including a turn as commission chairman, and he is a retired Air Force lieutenant colonel.

Although city elections are administered by the St Johns County Supervisor of Elections, they are governed by Article 6 of the City Charter.

If no one else seeks the seat, Maguire will be elected without ever appearing on a ballot. If there are two candidates to qualify, Section 6.15 of the Code of the City of St Augustine states that Maguire and his opponent are excused from the August Primary Election and move directly to the November General Election. Highest vote getter wins.

If there are three, or more, candidates who qualify, since City elections are non-partisan, all names appear on the August ballot and one of two outcomes could occur. If any one of the candidates receives 50% of the ballots cast, plus one vote, they are declared the winner and will take office in January. Otherwise, the top two vote getter’s advance to a winner-takes-all face-off in the November General Election.

Non-partisan elections mean that, for City elections, registered voters who reside within the city limits will all be allowed to vote at the same time; regardless of their party affiliation.

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