FSDB Board hears mediated settlement agreement


Miki Kristina Gilloon informed local Historic City News readers that the Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind is holding its regularly scheduled monthly meeting of the Board of Trustees this Friday, February 10th at 9:00 a.m.

Historic City News will cover the meeting that will include passionate pleas for help from two historic neighborhoods that adjoin the campus and residents of those neighborhoods who are fearful what will become of the homes if the school is granted the power of imminent domain.

The only new business on the agenda is discussion of a settlement draft related to the Collins House and Alfred-Genopoly block stemming from the City of St Augustine code enforcement notice served on the school regarding Collins House.

Vice Mayor Leanna Freeman, a proponent of convincing the Board to withdraw further support for the legislative bill that cleared a House subcommittee last week, introduced a resolution which was approved by the City Commission to our legislative delegation indicating the lack of support for provisions of the bill.

This meeting Friday might be the time and place for Freeman and others who believe they can work out the major differences that currently exist between the school, City and its residents if “imminent domain” is off the table.

Gilloon, who is Communications Director for the school, told reporters that the location of the meeting would be at 207 North San Marco Avenue inside Moore Hall, Room #126. This is the same room where a recent emergency meeting of the Board was held prior to making a decision to erect a chain-link hurricane fence along an alley at the back of the School President’s house — separating Danny Hutto’s residence from the controversial “Collins House”; where female students attending the school are housed.

Photo credits: © 2012 Historic City News staff photographer


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