Governing board of historic St Augustine properties

Historic City News reporters were on hand this morning when Chairman Allen L Lastinger, Jr called to order the third meeting of the Board of Directors of University of Florida Historic St Augustine, Inc in the Sala de Montiano room of the Government House Museum.

The direct support organization is the official entity organized and operated exclusively to administer the 37 historic properties located on St. George Street, Cuna Street, Treasury Street, Aviles Street, Spanish Street and Charlotte Street; that were formerly managed by the City of St Augustine.

Members who sit on the initial Board of Directors includes:
Allen Lastinger, Board Chair
Roy Hunt, Vice Chair
Kathleen Deagan
Michael Gannon
Rick Gonzalez
Jorge Hernandez
Suzanne Lewis
Daniel Ponce
Larry E. Rivers
Don Slesnick
Tracy Upchurch

The mission of University of Florida Historic St Augustine, Inc is to preserve, restore, reproduce, maintain, operate and exhibit ancient or historical landmarks, locations, sites, monuments, buildings, remains or other property of historic or antiquarian interest, value, beauty, scientific interest, recreational utility, or other unusual features, within the City of St. Augustine, or surrounding areas, and to gather and disseminate information in connection therewith;

To assist, promote, provide for, establish, maintain or operate museums or other places for exhibits and for the use of such objects, books and documents; and also to collect and preserve artifacts, relics, books, documents and exhibits of historical, educational, scientific, or other interests to scholars, students and other interested persons;

To promote research and education and further useful knowledge in the realm of science, history, literature, music and art; and in connection therewith, to research, prepare, publish and procure, for the use and benefit of the general public, books, reports, articles, pamphlets, brochures, documents, maps, photographs, films or other video media, sound recordings, and other products of similar nature in furtherance of the protection and preservation of and the dissemination of information about historic sites and properties, as well as persons, places, events, conditions, objects, patterns, behaviors, records and times pertaining to Florida history;

To the extent permitted by law, to solicit, raise, accept and receive grants, gifts and bequests of money or property from the federal government, state government, foundations, business entities and individuals and to hold or dispose of the same in accordance with the instructions of any donors thereof, and to invest and reinvest the same, and to employ the income from such investments as well as the principal in furtherance and for the achievement of its corporate purposes;

To acquire, hold, manage, administer, operate, pledge, sell, rent, lease, or in any manner, dispose of, deal or trade in property of any kind, class and description wherever located, including, without limitation, real estate, goods, merchandise and tangible and intangible property.

The State owned properties that are now managed by University of Florida Historic St Augustine, Inc are:

Government House 48 King Street
De Mesa Sanchez House 49 St. George Street
Arrivas House 46 St. George Street
Parades Dodge House 54 St. George Street
Parades Dodge Out 54.5 St. George Street
Gallegos House 21 St. George Street
Ribera House 22 St. George Street
Ribera Kitchen 22 St. George Street
Triay House 29 St. George Street
Gomez House 27 St. George Street
Cerveau House 26 Cuna Street
Haas House 28 Cuna Street
Peso De Burgo Pellicer House 53 St. George Street
Peso De Burgo North Out 53 St. George Street
Peso De Burgo South Out 53 St. George Street
Joaneda House 57 Treasury Street
Rodriguez House 46.5 Cuna Street
Benet House 65 St. George Street
Coquina House 46 Cuna Street
Sanchez De Ortigosa Hse 60 St. George Street
De Hita House 37 St. George Street
Gonzalez House 39 St. George Street
New Blacksmith Shop 37.5 St. George Street
Florencia House 33 St. George Street
Spanish Military Hospital 2 Aviles Street
Watson House 206 Charlotte Street
Salcedo Kitchen 42.5 St. George Street
Salcedo House 42 St. George Street
Gonzalez Restrooms 35.5 St. George Street
Sims House 12 Cuna Street
Sims Outbuilding 12 Cuna Street
Old Blacksmith Shop 26 Charlotte Street
Harness Shop 17 Cuna Street
Public Restrooms 40 St. George Street
Vacant Lot Charlotte Street
Vacant Lot Spanish Street
Vacant Lot Cuna Street

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