Grouchy neighbors take Sunday to socialize

When it appears that neighbors in the Nelmar Terrace and Fullerwood Park Historic Districts may catch a break in their ongoing battles to protect themselves from the Florida School for the Deaf and Blind, should they be granted “eminent domain”, some residents are taking a stress-relief-day.

Tomorrow, Mick Stevens is organizing a “Grouchy Neighbors” party starting at 1:00 pm at the home of James Register; the last house standing after the state school bought up all the other homes along the block of Genopoly Street.

Register appeared at the Board of Trustees meetings and, half-joking asked, “what are ya’ll going to do about me?” The school did not buy Register’s property and he says he does not want to sell — at least not for the price the school has been willing to offer.

But, if the legislature approves a bill introduced by State Representative Doug Braxton, and, if committee approval was granted, then the school could simply pay Register “fair market value” for his home then say “so long”.

Dr. Bill Proctor, who served on the Board of the school for many years and is supporting the legislation, has referred to opponents as “a few grouchy neighbors”. Hence the theme for the tongue-in-cheek (or, foot-in-mouth, depending on your point of view) neighborhood party.

Several local bands, “Grouchy Neighbor” t-shirts, and anyone who feels grouchy about the eminent domain legislation will be part of the party. Quoted in this week’s St Augustine Report, organizers said, “Make a placard. Dance and sing. Show the school and Tallahassee that we’re more than a handful of upset citizens in St. Augustine.”

Photo credits: © 2012 Historic City News staff photographer

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