Growth in Bunnell brings first City Engineer

In an effort to improve efficiency and save taxpayers outside engineering costs, as they move forward with a myriad of projects in support of the multi-million dollar upgrade of the city utility system, the City of Bunnell has informed Historic City News that they have hired their first City Engineer.

Dan Davis told reporters that Raymond Bahrami, a licensed civil engineer with over 13-years’ experience in project management and engineering design, will direct a newly created Engineering Department for the City of Bunnell.

“Our new engineer will work with Project Manager Alena Dvornikova, who is moving over from the Grants Department,” Davis said. “The two-person Engineering Department already has a list of projects on the drawing board; in various stages of completion.”

Although Bahrami and Dvornikova will initially focus on the upgrade of the water treatment plant and the ionization process, the city hopes to reduce outside engineering costs associated with a number of current projects, including:

• State road enhancement projects along US-1, SR-11 and SR-100
• Adding sidewalks around Bunnell Elementary School
• Upgrading JoAnne B King park
• Reviewing new development projects
• Creating infrastructure mapping
• Assisting in planning future projects to promote growth

Bahrami earned his Bachelor of Civil Engineering degree from Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada. He holds a Professional Engineer certification in the State of Florida, as well as Louisiana, Mississippi, and Hawaii.

Bahrami comes to Bunnell from Maitland, where he worked as a Project Manager.

The City of Bunnell is committed to upgrading its infrastructure; not only to meet the needs of its citizens, but also to attract new businesses and the jobs they will bring.

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