Howell and Maguire address Republican Women

Liliana Kurpanik, President of the Republican Women’s Club of St Johns County, announced to Historic City News reporters in St Augustine that two candidates for seats in local government will speak at their October 17 meeting.

Luncheon guest speakers this month will be Gary Howell. candidate for Anastasia Mosquito Control, Seat 5, and Bruce Maguire, candidate for St Augustine City Commission, Seat 1.

The club meets at TGIFridays, located at 318 SR-312 East in St Augustine, on Wednesday October 17. Lunch is available for $15 at 11:30am the meeting begins at 12:00 noon.

Gary Howell has lived in St Johns County since 1948. He retired from the St Johns County School System and is a retired Reserve Deputy Sheriff of St Johns County. Gary has attended the Law Enforce Academy and the Florida National Guard Military Academy, from which he is now retired. Mr. Howell is a former Commissioner/Chairman of Mosquito Control 1996-2004. A member of the Republican Executive Committee, First Vice Chair of the Greater St Augustine Republican Club and a board member of the Executive Committee/Republican Party of Florida. Howell has served two terms on the Mosquito Board and told reporters that he has heard concerns that the District has become overburdened with politics and is no longer moving forward. Howell says he wants to restore order and confidence in the District that watches over nearly $3.5 million in reserve funds, while keeping millage as low as possible.

Bruce Maguire touts his qualifications for the position; among them, SJC Commissioner, 2002-2006; Chair, SJC Commission, 2005-2006; Member, North Florida Regional Planning, 2002-2006; Member, Florida 2010-2020 Transportation Planning Commission. Maguire says “I will use my talents to refocus the City on the real needs of the residents and why City government exists. Our neighborhoods and infrastructure are deteriorating, yet we waste millions of dollars on a third-rate Picasso exhibit and we bond $2.5 million to expand a vacant marina to support a fishing tournament! Our financial and operational focus should be on the neighborhoods and residential services. We need to preserve our heritage while promoting private enterprise — not competing with it.”

Reservations for the meeting should be placed with Sandy Modrak at 904-824-3564.

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