Hundreds get passport for St Augustine Tapestry

Hundreds get passport for St Augustine Tapestry

By: Raphael Cosme

Historic City News reader Raphael Come reported that he and his family attended last night; when the City of St. Augustine presented the Discover First America adventure program titled “St Augustine Tapestry”.

The program featured the life, ways, foods, songs and dance of the multiple cultures of St Augustine including Spanish, Menorcan, Greek and African.

The Director of the Department of Heritage Tourism and Historic Preservation, Dana St Claire and St Augustine Youth Ambassador, Samantha Cosme, welcomed the crowd in a unique manner.

Dancers dressed in authentic style colonial costume wearing giant heads called “gigantes y cabezudos”, opened the event with a silent dance. Michelle Reyna of City Gate Productions presented a Menorcan ancestor song. The Menorcans settled in St. Augustine during the spring of 1777. The secret colonial recipes for rum and Menorcan clam chowder were revealed during the event.

Actor James Bullock, talked about African slaves coming to Spanish Florida and Fort Mose, as well as singing a cappella version of Amazing Grace.

Mayor Joseph Boles, dressed as the governor, made his way to the stage to taste the colonial recipes.

Casa Monica Hotel was the main sponsor of the event.

For more information about future events in the series, you can visit the website:

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