Hunt is on for rock-throwing vandals

Responding to reports of at least eight vehicles being vandalized Saturday evening, Flagler County Sheriff Don Fleming informed Historic City News that his department has stepped-up aggressive patrol in two north Palm Coast neighborhoods to find the culprits.

According to incident reports collected over the weekend, vandals threw white landscape rocks at parked vehicles in the “F” and the “C” sections of Palm Coast; shattering windows and windshields and causing other related damage.

Fleming says he intends to put a stop to this criminal mischief and if any of our readers has information regarding the vandalism or the identity of those responsible, please contact the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office at (386) 313-4911.

You do not have to identify yourself; however, Sheriff Fleming said that he is confident someone either saw the passing vehicle, or knows the names of the guilty parties and will be a good citizen by informing his office.

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