League says thumbs-down to amendments

The League of Women Voters of Florida rejects all eleven constitutional amendments this year, according to President Deirdre Macnab in an advisory report received by Historic City News this week.

According to Macnab, some of these amendments take aim at our fundamental rights, putting core American principles at risk in Florida. They attack the balance of power, right to privacy and separation of church and state, Macnab said.

“Our Florida Constitution was crafted as a document that is intended to be difficult to change, and kept sacred for the purpose of identifying the structure of our government,” said Macnab. “We urge all citizens to give these complex and inappropriate amendments a firm thumbs down.”

This November, Florida voters will see eleven of the most complex, confusing and, in some cases, misleading constitutional amendments proposed in recent memory.

While legislators have steadily made it more difficult for citizen initiatives to be put to voters, they have removed safeguards relating to their own proposals. All eleven amendments were proposed by the state legislature within the last two years.

All were placed on the ballot under new laws that allow the legislature and Attorney General to re-write summaries that do not pass court review.

“We urge legislators to use their law-making power, and not weigh citizens down with complicated amendments that do not belong in our state’s Constitution,” Macnab said.

The League of Women Voters of Florida Education Fund has a complete toolkit to support its voter education campaign, including a Voter Assistance Hotline, 1-855-FL-VOTER (1-855-358-6837), a one stop website, BeReadytoVote.org, a mobile site accessible via smartphone, and a nonpartisan 2012 Election and Voter Guide, available in print in both English and Spanish throughout Florida and online at BeReadytoVote.org.

The League of Women Voters of Florida, a nonpartisan political organization, encourages informed and active participation in government, works to increase understanding of major public policy issues, and influences public policy through education and advocacy. For more information, please visit the League’s website at: www.TheFloridaVoter.org.

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