Letter: Amphitheatre parking free with handicap tag

Letter: Amphitheatre parking free with handicap tag

Merrill P. Roland
St Augustine, FL

Dear Editor:

I attended the ZZ Top concert this weekend — the place was packed, I had a great seat and the performance was excellent.

Although I have attended many events at the venue, this was the first time, since the county began charging for parking, that I was allowed to park free.

Even though I am fully disabled, I drive a properly tagged vehicle and park in a designated handicap accessible space; I had to ask for free parking.

I spoke with another man who came to the show; driving a van with an external wheelchair lift. He told me he was asked to pay the $10 parking fee, so he did. I explained to him that if he had informed the parking attendant that he was in a wheelchair, he could have saved himself $10.

Thanks to the county for finally offering free parking to disabled drivers.

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